Halo 3

Hi I’m prancingbob. And I’m here to tell you about Halo 3. So there is this thing called forage right. So you can make your own map. Its so cool because you turn into a sphere thing and fly around and put Halo scenery on the map! Then you can play on the map in custom games! Mostly,you beat up flood and brutes and try to find Cortana. Your mostly alone but on some levels your with the orbiter.In matchmaking you play online with other people. The graphics are so cool because it will glitch sometimes but there still some cool graphics like when commander chief who is the main character when he and the orbiter kill the profit witch is the bad guy.He made the brutes try to kill the humans.The main characters are Commander chief how is like the coolest guy on earth!My favorite line is when he says “I need a weapon.”Then there is the orbiter.He is from the covenant and he didn’t like the way they were acting so he and the elites are going against the brutes and grunts.Oh I forgot to tell you that Spartans never die. They just disapear. If you are wondering what a Spartan is right?Well its like a clone but it can talk.So its a clone actually. Well it was great speaking to you and I hope you get this game.And you can reach me on xbox 360 live!

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