Halo Reach

This is the best game ever!Hay  its prancingbob! I was wondering have you ever played Halo Reach? If you haven’t let me tell you about it.You get better suits than Halo 3, and the game is based before Halo3,or  Halo3 ODST. I would rate it 1000/10. You get better weapons to. The sniper looks really different , the assault rifle, and then there is a new gun called the DMR! Its a one shot burst gun.In the campaign on the first leval. The characters are,Kat,June,Carter,Emial,Gorge,then you.You start out with your team then they get picked of until you die. On XBOX live its like black ops. But instead of guns you get armor.If you got it the month it came out you would get recon helmet. I have it and it looks great.But as I was saying on Xbox live they have new places to battle at and new vehicles.One of them is the falcon. Its like a hovercraft in the. air. It can hold up to 5 people. If you  were wondering what the people are called well there are the same from Halo3.Anyway if you have people in the falcon, you can shoot guns that can take dow a banshee. A Banshee is an alien ship. Well I think thats al I shoud tell you. I rate it 10 out of.You can find me on my prancingbob acount.

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